overundersidewaysdown – opening reception

Works by David Hatcher, Mitzi Pederson, Wayne Smith

Essay by Kevin Killian

Curated by Margaret Tedesco


March 31–April 29, 2006

Opening reception, Friday March 31, 7–10 pm

Queen’s Nails Annex is pleased to present overundersidewaysdown the third in a series of guest curated exhibitions. This current project is curated by Margaret Tedesco and presents the latest work by San Francisco artists Mitzi Pederson , Wayne Smith, and David Hatcher from Los Angeles. Parallel to the exhibition an essay written by noted San Francisco poet, novelist, critic and playwright Kevin Killian.


over, under, sideways, down

backwards, forwards, square, and round

when will it end, will it

when will it end


—From the song by The Yardbirds, 1966


The framework for the exhibition overundersidewaysdown is motivated by the notion of       

“surround sound”—that which conveys an experience where one is surrounded 360 degrees

by sound. The works of the three artists included paraphrase in their articulation and use of materials from drawing, sculpture, sound (i.e., sampling, field recordings, and live performance) to appropriated images and collaboration with formal histories and/or pop signifiers. The elements of origin figure prominently in front and behind encountering an enveloped fuzzy dissonance that tracks and overlaps a heightened sense of time and space.



About the Artists:

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