Call for participation: ICAD 2011 – Budapest

Theme „Fantastic sounds – sounds fantastic!”

This year’s theme emphasizes that effective uses of sound for informative purposes involve a give-and-take between creative and functional auditory objectives as well as between the display and the listener. We invite the global ICAD community to accentuate this perspective in their work, and authors are especially encouraged to consider how they can incorporate auditory display into the presentation of their papers, for instance, by including auditory annotations and examples of the sounds used in their efforts and/or by sonifying their results. Just as it would be unusual for presentations of papers on graphics not to include some visual artefacts, we are aiming for it to be the norm that ICAD paper presentations employ sound in addition to the voice of the speaker.

Submission Information

Online registration here

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • 3D and Spatial Audio
  • Aesthetics, Philosophy, and Culture of Auditory Displays
  • Accessibility
  • Applications
  • Auditory Scene Design
  • Design Theory and Methods
  • Evaluation and Usability
  • Human Factors and Interaction
  • Mappings from Data to Sound
  • Psychology, Cognition, Perception, and Psychoacoustics
  • Sonification and Exploration of Data through Sound
  • Sound as Art
  • Technologies and Tools

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